sábado, 28 de marzo de 2009

Run For Cover: 27 Killing Rocksteady Shots

Higgs & Wilson-Hurt My Soul
Lloyd & Glen- Keep on Pussing
The Viceroys- Do It Now
Prince Buster All Stars- Too Hot
Hopeton lewis- De Pon Dem
Larry Marshall- No Money No Love
Ernest & Freedie- Deep Down In My Heart
The Three Tops-The Words Has a Feeling
The Hitones- Girls
Te Viceroys- Lips & Tongue
Robert Lynn- High Nation
Nehemiah Reid- Family War
Lynn Taitt & The Jets- Soul Slide
Derrick Morgan-Conquering ruler
The Righteous Flames- Meaning Of Love
The Leaders- Tit For Tat
The Three Tops- Miserable day
Honeboy Martin- Dreader Than Dread
Dudley Sibley- Run boy RUN
The Heptones!- Crying Over You
Owen Gray- Collins Greetings
Glen Adams- Cool Cool Rocksteady
Lee Perry & The Sensations- Run For Cover
The Conquerer- Won't you come home now
The Tonettes- What You gonna do?
Carlton Alphonso-Where In This World


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